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Knitting Tourist No More

The trip to Patternworks this weekend piqued some self-reflection. Four months ago when I went up there for the first time I knew only a handful of luxury yarn brands and very little about the actual yarns themselves. This time I walked in and I saw so many familiar names, and even more familiar yarns, I kinda felt like a true knitter, as opposed to the knitting tourist I felt like in June.

Yes I knew how to knit but the palette of my knitting was so limited. I totally have the blogosphere to thank. Reading other people's feelings and thoughts about patterns and yarns I began to lose my natural fear in trying new things. One $20 skein of CTH supersock yarn purchased last June was the first step and I hadn't looked back until Saturday's trek to Patternworks. It's been a great trip.

Now on to actual knitting news:

My second goal in going to Patternworks was to purchase some Koigu, or other fingering weight yarn, to complement this vivacious skein of Violas from MadelineTosh.

This colorway is perfection but I fear that my love of the colors en skein will fade abruptly once I knit it up. I want to avoid the CTH Brights colorway problem wherein the darkest tone overwhelmed the softer hues. My solution is to "cut it" with the hues I don't want overwhelmed. The project I have in mind is the chevron scarf pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The additional yarn I'm going to use are two solids made by Koigu (KPM).

Now I've waxed all growthy about how much I've learned about yarn above, but I'm still not as accomplished in managing color as I'd like. I hope that taking a much more conservative approach than say Shannon did over at Minerva Turkey I'll have a finished project I'll be happy with. I am so not in her league yet. But I'm a learnin'.