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Necessary Rewind

Wednesday night I decided on the motif to use for Project Stole's white space and then threw caution to the wind and cast on. I felt such an instant relief to be knitting instead of designing.

Designing is fraught with so much fear that it is a wonder I do it. But I do. I'm still struggling with knowing when to stop and just dive in. Yet when I do stop and start knitting and see the following, all the stress is forgotten in that brief moment.

The Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran yarn is so sumptuous. I know I've gone on and on about this yarn but it is so soft and lofty, and it knits so easily. It shows off the texture of the design as well as I had hoped.

Notice how it's not on needles? Well that length you see represents about 80 yards of yarn and it's less than 3 inches long so I'm gonna have to frog and begin again with less of the modified seed stitch if I'm gonna make a length anywhere near 60 inches.

And the yarn isn't that blue, it's more like the gray shown in the picture of the yarn. The light on this side of the house has an excess of blue tones, especially in the morning hours. No matter how I tweaked the final pictures I couldn't get rid of the baby blueosity.

I'm glad I didn't shy away from this project. Very glad.