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Starting Afresh

I've been inspired by the frogging going on over at Chicken Knits. How this actually worked for me is that I decided to abandon the CEY Lush doggie sweater for a new doggie sweater with new yarn I just accidentally picked up explicitly for this purpose.

It couldn't be helped. Aside from today's expected high of 82 degrees, it's been quite chilly. Ripley is in need. I'd be a horrible mother if I didn't keep him warm. And I just happened to need new needles yesterday for the firestarter KAL and was in a LYS. I'd be remiss if I passed over this luscious yarn. Right?

Now the fact is I was also moved by the quickie project focus going on over at dogged. A girl should not be held responsible for blogger peer pressure. Even when she doesn't even know said bloggers, it's still their fault. It is. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

This lovely lovely yarn is fascinating. It goes from roving bulky to sport weight and looks fabulous in cake and knitted form.

I should be done today with this doggie sweater. I improved upon the knit as you go technique of my first two projects by starting at the neckline. And by using a crochet stitch to carry the yarn down the armholes I didn't have to break the yarn at all and will only need to seam the beginning and end yarn in. Now that's a big whoopee in my book.


Nell said…
I love that yarn! It'll be a great dog sweater. So soft and so warm.
HobbygÃ¥sa said…
The yarn looks great and so does the sweater! I look forward to see a photo of the dog wearing it.