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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

I am Obsessed with a capital O. I hit the books on Sunday and I found pretty quickly I couldn't get this Embossed Twining Vine Leaf pattern from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury out of my mind.

The past three days have all been about finding a way to incorporate this into a pattern for the stole. It has been either what I have been physically doing or what I have been mentally doing while my body goes about without my full attention. Poor hubby has had to repeat himself over and over again as I can't concentrate enough to listen.

Finally last night I put away the Excel spreadsheets and bound off the above swatch and moved on to the simple joy of stockinette sock knitting:

Once I come to the heel turning, I always begin the second sock. That way I don't mess the whole thing up.

Today I'm back at it again and tonight I'll be home swatching the prospective white space.