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This week in knitting socks...

It was a tough week at Chez Yarn and I'm glad it's over. Earlier in the week I was all revved up about testing pattern ideas on the first knitted arm of Blueberry Moon. I'll leave these details for another day. While my ideas germinated I decided to put some effort into my longstanding sock WIPs.

I took the Regia Striped Sock to work one day and wound up unable to stop myself and turned the heel violating my #1 rule of sock knitting (sorry to be a broken record) "do not knit turn a sock heel until you can knit the second heel shortly thereafter." Unfortunately, the knitting was so addicting and well, I was in a bad spot. I needed the fix. What's a knitter to do?

I just love this striping colorway. I may be fooling myself, but I really hope to start the second sock at the same point and have the stripes match. This is my first self-striping sock, so I should be allowed some hubris? Right?

In other sock knitting I've gotta come clean on something. I've hated the following Cherry Hill Tree Earth colorway with a passion up until yesterday.

I love the greens and I love the wines but I absolutely hate them together. I knew as soon as I got this sock yarn home I'd never use it so I devised an ingenious (read: foolhardy or stupid) way to force myself to knit it up. I came to the stout realization that this masculine colorway would make a great pair of hubby socks. Yeah! That's the ticket!

So slowly but surely I've been knitting these up one stitch at a time. Am I a freak to loath something so rabidly? I hope not. It has felt torturous. But ever since I turned the heels yesterday and returned to using size US2s, instead of US1s, I'm not hating it as much. And just in time to realize that one sock's yarn cake is definitely larger than the other's yarn cake. Ooops.

Contrary to the visual evidence the larger yarn cake is the more compact one attached to the sock that is 3/4's done. Using the same analog scale I used to divide the yarn I have about the same amount of yarn in each ball but twice as much knitting left on one sock.

I think each cake will do the job, but for a future of more perfect sock knitting I went out and purchased this little doodad with a 20% off coupon at Bed, Bath, and Beyond:

Of course I don't have a battery for it so it's kinda useless in all it's technological glory.


HobbygÃ¥sa said…
I love the colors on the first socks! And I agree with you on the second pair, they are beautiful colors, but maybe not together... But the colorway definitive fits more to a man! Have a nice weekend!
Shannon said…
Great striping socks...such a fun pairing of colors. I really must pick up a decent scale...maybe I will drop by Bed Bath and Beyond tomorrow. :) Thanks for the tip.