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Trying something new

I had knit beyond the shoulder seam on my Blueberry Moon sweater project by the end of last week.

Before going any further I wanted to knit up the shoulder seam. If I was going to have to frog, I didn't want have to frog more than necessary. So instead of diving right in I took some time to mull over how one does this, since I am winging it.

Sunday night I struggled with the top seam, the one with the buttonholes. Picking up stitches isn't my forte, especially when I have no clue if what I'm doing is going to make sense, much less look acceptable. As soon as I finished the top, buttonhole seam I set it aside.

Yesterday, I picked it up again and immediately realized that I used a k2p2 rib, instead of the p2k1 rib I used on the neckband. Big d'oh. Instead of frogging right then and there I decided to plow ahead with the rest of the shoulder seam and consider the result a test drive, a draft run. This is how it came out.

Not bad, considering. I'm thinking four buttons may be too much. I will probably use only three and make the seam wider. And I love these buttons. I picked them with the yarn at WEBS. It took me twice as long to pick out the buttons as it took to choose the yarn!