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Where giving out your email pays off!

I am always loath to give out my info to salesclerks. I think they have some nerve asking me my phone number, though I am polite when I say "no thank you" in response. They are just doing the job their corporate employers pay them to do.

But still. Companies have some nerve. If they want my info then they should buy it on the market like they buy everything else about us. Yet, this acrimony aside, I did give my email to a LYS a few weeks ago and I am so happy I did because they sent me an email saying they had gotten the following in stock:

I've been dying to try these so I drove right down and picked up a pair. They only had about five or six sets in varying sizes so I'm glad I didn't wait. They were so overpriced it's a shame. But a little luxury in a woman's life is nothing to shake a stick at. I'm so misshapen I am loathe to purchase clothes and today's styles in shoes leave me buying these in bulk so I'm only left with handbags and knitting to splurge on.

Although they're as flexible and smooth as my bamboos their points are as dull as the size US2 Brittany birch dpns I tried. Unlike the Brittanys, which stick to sock yarn as if they were covered in glue, the Sox Stix worked as well as my pointy Clover bamboos on these stockinette socks.

I'll have to stick with the Clover bamboos for textured socks. You live and learn.