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Yarn Crawl

Last week I had given up on Project Stole. Or so I thought. I found myself trying to incorporate some variation of Barbara Walker's Embossed Twining Vine Leaf pattern into a sweater design. I did find this Lacy Leaf Pullover by Teva Durham on Ravelry which seems to have the spirit of what I was incoherently envisioning:

Somehow it didn't take. In the back of my mind I was still itching to go to the two LYSes in my region that the Jo Sharp website indicated as suppliers of the Silkwood Aran. And come Saturday I was on the road to Wild and Woolly in Lexington, MA and Yarns in the Farm, in Beverly Farms, MA.

I hit Lexington first, and I was not disappointed by their selection of yarn or books, with the exception that they don't carry the Elsebeth Lavold books, one of which has a sweater pattern I'm dying to imitate. According to Jackie, one of the sales associates, stores have to carry her yarn in order to carry her books. That seems kind of strong-army, don't you think?

Unfortunately they they didn't have the Silkroad Aran colorway I wanted, but they did have a stupendous selection of sock yarn, the best I've seen in my area, and I didn't leave empty handed. I'd like to add that the following represents a great deal of restraint. Really.

Next, I headed up to the North Shore to Yarns in the Farm.

Yarns in the Farm was cuter than cute. It sort of had the set up of a farm stand, with an umbrella table and chairs out front and wide open doors leading inside to a tiny, overstuffed space. And that's about all I could say. I get so agitated going to new places and meeting new people I don't have much facility for taking in much details. It was the size one would expect for a LYS. And though I'm not very spiritual, I felt some kind of tingly when this little store had exactly 15 balls of the Silkroad Aran in the Empire colorway. It was some kind of freaky.

In my nervousness I have no recall of what other yarn they had, though I didn't seem to have any problem grabbing a skein of some Cherry Hill Tree supersock in a colorway very similar to the one used in the Monkey socks which I adored on Miss Furry Terrier's blog. She wasn't fond of it, but it's the cat's meow for me. I love blues and greens!

Cherry Tree Hill yarn should be exempt from the rules of stash busting or yarn diets, is all I'm saying.

So with my car brimming with yarn I went home and made good on my vow to review my stash. In the interest of expediency, I made a post on craigslist to find a local person who'd take it without my needing to mail a thing. I found a taker for all except one grouping. Once the lucky recipient comes to pick it up tomorrow I'll have really only one and a half tubs of yarn. And almost all of it represents active projects or leftover yarn. Almost all...


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The color on the yarn is so lovely!
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