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Baby Steps, Baby Steps

After whipping up the dog sweater on Saturday's road trip, and putting down the knitting altogether Monday night, I did begin to feel free of (some of) the emotional weight of Blueberry Moon and the Firestarter Socks.

Blueberry Moon got some action on Sunday night but the next step felt insurmountable on Monday. Sick of knitting Project Stole and not ready to face Firestarter, I didn't knit a thing and I found that really helped. I couldn't even focus on watching more of season three of BSG; I just watched the mindless sitcom lineup on NBC and went to bed.

Then, yesterday, full of ambiguous knitting hopes and dreams I got home early and made the decision I've been coddling for a week or so. I abandoned the Firestarter knitting I've done to date and started fresh, with new yarn.

I was 100% ready to say good by to this



and say hello to this


This is Blue Moon Fiber's STR in Jonagold. I picked it up last weekend in Rhinebeck. Since the pattern calls for lightweight yarn, and this is medium weight, I fudged the numbers a bit. I reduced the cast on stitches by 20% or six stitches (24 stitches versus 30 stitches). Both totals are divisible by three and six, which I am counting on to get me through fudging the design elements of the heel and ankle.

We'll see.