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Blueberry Moon Design Accent

I put Blueberry Moon to the side for a couple of weeks and let percolate my amorphous idea of adding some kind of textured accent to the bottom trim of the wrist and body. And though I love many stitch patterns from the Harmony Guide: 220 Aran Stitches I picked up last month, I'm suffering from an embossed twining vine leaf monomania.

I made several aborted attempts on the sleeve of Blueberry Moon a couple of nights ago until it dawned on me to whip out the test yarn I purchased when I was working on the the shoulder seam. Test patterning showed instant progress and I was able to quickly find a variation of this leaf motif that would work knitting top down.

Last night I concentrated on how to frame the motif, how to manage the increases and decreases and I think I'm all set to go forward on the actual garment this weekend. Big yeah!