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Inching along on my Firestarter...

Once again I'm surprised at how little knitting I'm getting done, especially on the weekends. I really miss my "it's sweltering outside, lets sit on the couch" weekend knit-a-thons. :-(

By last Friday night I had finished up the heel and was ready to start the leg of the Firestarter socks. After I knit about a cable repeat and a half I put the work on a set of circulars to see how it fit. I found it barely went over my heel. Phooey! I put it away in frustration, secretly hoping that I'd wake up on Saturday and find it magically fixed.

Oh yes, I'm delusional. Too bad so sad-for me. The twisted stitches and the density of the yarn have conspired to make a fairly non-pliable sock. If I want to give these away I was going to have to frog.

I hate going back the way I came in any endeavor, be it walking in the woods, going back into the house when I forget something on my way to work, or even knitting. I have a built-in, deeply ingrained impulse to go forward at all costs. Therefore, I only frog if the error causes obvious structural, design or aesthetic problems and in this case, it was a big structural issue. The recipient may not get this sock over her feet. Therefore, I must frog.

The transitional section between the heel and ankle was where I found the least give and had the most difficulty in getting over my heel. Therefore I had to incorporate immediate increases after closing the gusset to counter this. The only way I could think to incorporate numerous increases on a single row with this pattern was to turn the 2p1k rib into a 3p1k rib.

By the time I put my work down before going to bed Saturday night I wasn't sure I was happy with it. The increase in stitches has led to consistent pooling which I actually like, for now, but the wide rib wasn't ringing my bell.

Here's a progress pic from Monday night.


By last night I felt like I was ready to accept the sock's fate and began working on it again. I got to the point where I needed a larger size needle and had to stop, since my US3's are all tied up on Blueberry Moon right now.

A trip to a LYS near my work at lunch today netted me the needles I need and some festive sock yarn I hope to use for knitted stocking stuffers,

Details to follow, eventually...oh, I almost forgot! Happy Halloween!