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Organization is good

Months back I lamented the state of my circular needles:

Even with the good advice that commentors left I was reluctant to make a decision on which system to invest in. On the one hand there was the cost of investing in a system and on the other hand there was the fear I'd invest in a system I was going to detest.

You see I lack the skill to know what I actually like. I am notorious for going all out on an organizational scheme only to hate it because it is inefficient or inaccessible or something or other. Then I'd have to spend another small fortune on a wholly different organizational scheme.

So a few weeks ago when I was binge spending I made a wise decision to utilize my loss of inhibition to buy something useful. I bought circ holders and lots of them. You know there's nothing more disappointing about an organization project than not having enough of whatever you need to finish the job. So waiting until I was all about throwing caution to the wind and buying more than I could possible need for now actually worked out for me.

I am pleased as punch at the result:

I can keep my needles in the same place as before and they are now 10x more accessible. Bliss...


HobbygÃ¥sa said…
Smart solution! I am struggeling with my circular needles too - great idea. Have a nice day!
Linda said…
Ooh, I like those! Can I ask where you got them?
Morticcia said…
I got them online at My invoice lists them as "needle notebook pockets." They cost $10.85 for five sheets.