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I finished my first Firestarter sock in the Madelinetosh yarn about two weeks ago. I'm not impressed with the yarn, neither the wool nor the colorway. The latter is entitled Violas but a much better name would be Watermelon don't you think?

When the colors pool in the toe and in a small portion of the heel the colors look solid and vibrant. When the pinks and tans pool in the main sections of the sock the inconsistencies of the hand painted yarn scream out. I'm blaming this bleh feeling about the yarn on why it took so long to cast on for sock #2, which I finally did last night.

Yet my unhappiness with the colorway will probably change. I surmise this because I really disliked the colorway of my Sweet Tarts socks as I knit them up. So much so I felt no one else would like them either and so I kept them rather than give them away. Now they are my F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E. socks in the world. Imagine that.

The very garishness I hated as I knit transformed into a source of love when I put them on my feet to wear. I was completely unaware that I love garishly colored socks more than I love non-garishly colored socks until that defining moment. If that miraculous transformation could occur, I'm hoping my dissatisfaction with these socks will evaporate once I'm done knitting.


Dave said…
Yippee for garish socks!! Although I prefer the term "socks with character" :-)