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Have stockinette, will travel

It's been on my mind for some time that the lack of stockinette in my knitting diet has left me a wee bit high strung. I really need the comfort and mindlessness of stockinette in my life and fast. To this end, right after finishing my Firestarters last week I cast on my first EZ yoke sweater.

Ever since I started knitting top-down sweaters years ago it's been in my mind to try it the other way up and my recent acquisition of some Elizabeth Zimmerman titles has given me a bit of courage to finally try it out. It didn't take long to fall in love with EPS (Elizabeth's percentage system.) Already I think I'll have some modifying to do, but I love the simplicity and the no nonsense approach EZ has to knitting.

I've even taken to knitting while I walk the dogs in the afternoon. I can knit about six to 10 rows on a walk.

It dawned on me right quick that I'd finish up the sleeves too fast if I knit these at home and while walking so I cast on the main body to work on at home. After about 4 rows, or 1200 stitches, I realized that my work was twisted and had to frog and start from scratch. Argh!

Notes on the EZ yoke so far: Yarn is Cascade 220 superwash in a richly nuanced heather green. Check out the tones in this yarn, but please ignore the white fluff and bumpy M1:

After some deliberation and review of different swatches I decided to knit using a normal gauge, instead of the looser, floppier gauge to which I'm prone. I used a size US3 for the ribbing on the wrist and a size US5 the main body, body ribbing, and main arm.