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I'm addicted baby, AKA Firestarter Part Three

I can't believe how addicted I am to the Firestarter pattern. Before I knew it I cast on for a second pair Saturday using the Madelinetosh Sock yarn I had stashed for the Last Minute Knitted Gifts Chevron Scarf.

I've never used this yarn before and did not anticipate it being designed to have the pinks and greens pool separately, with the the evergreen and lime striping as they pool. So before I had knit enough rows to see the pattern emerge I tried to nip it in the bud with some stitch increases, three on each side of the sock. After about 15 or so rows it was obvious the pooling was intended, so I frogged back to remove the increases.

I can't help myself, I just have to brag that I haven't looked at the pattern once since starting this second pair. On the other hand maybe I shoud be embarrased at the pattern details being burnt into my memory as it is a testament to how much diffulty I had the first time around. La!

Either way, I'm enjoying knitting this sock, especially since this pair of socks will be the first in a while for which I am the intended recipient, not the default recipient as a result of things not going as planned.

Although I prefer to knit socks using three dpns, I was tickled pink that I have been able to use one of three sets of KA bamboo circs I picked up this summer on the gusset of the sock, as the three dpn method is awkward with this section of the pattern. I had tried the US2 KAs on the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock version of the Firestarters, but quickly abandoned them in favor of a pair of plastic Susan Bates because the metal joins caught the yarn at every opportunity. I thought all three were a wash until I tried the US1s on this sock. The yarn, though splitty, glides easily over the joins as I've employed Cat Bordhi's 2 circ method.

As an aside, this picture was one of the first I took with my fly-by-my-pants light tent I made butchering a how-to I found online. The tent itself is passable, but the lighting needs a great deal of improvement since I still had to adjust the color properties of the final picture. Still, I'm a learnin'.


Knitting Bandit said…
You go girl! You can brag all you want! It's fun to memorize a pattern and this is one to be especially proud of! I am finally underway--both socks almost to the gusset and I am loving it too, although it's a little slow going...I know I will have to make a second pair. Love that new sock yarn!