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Introducing one happy blocker...Me!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not but my husband and I scoured Rhinebeck for sock blockers. All we found were vendors selling the teal colored poly variety. I was a bit dejected, but only for a spell since the money set aside for the blockers was soon diverted to a yarn purchase. :-P.

It was only natural that I would have to succumb to the dreaded Internet to find the polished oak type I covet. After seeing countless blog references I headed over to the site of reputed ebay vendor, Chappywoman, and picked up a pair.

They came in the mail Saturday and they are quite lovely. It would be easy to make these haphazardly and sell them but the Chappys do a beautiful job. They are as perfect as you would hope them to be. The vendor even snuck in a little bit of swag in the way of this pretty little stitch holder.


Shannon said…
Nice score! I also have a pair of their blockers, and I love them. They are very sturdy and lovely.