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More than you really ever wanted to know about...

Just the other day, when I was outside photographing my Firestarter socks to no end, I finally had the opportunity to get a snapshot of Ripley in the sweater I knit on the Rhinebeck road trip.


The tight knit means it is a great outdoor sweater since it's snugness will reduce the amount of snagging that is bound to occur when he goes traipsing off into the woods.

The good news, I now have photographic proof of my effort for all posterity. The bad news, just a few hours later this sweater, knit in the most luscious malabrigo merino yarn, was transformed into this:

Can you see that wide black scorch mark? It's a desecration and of my own making. I nuked it in the microwave with a cotton bandanna. Who knew cotton bandanna's combust in the microwave? Well you can thank a crazy knitter in the blogosphere for clearing up that little housekeeping mystery.

You may be wondering to yourself why someone would nuke a knitted item. Really, I have a good excuse but before I get to it, a little back story, if I may.

The hubby and I were blessed to find a perfect little cape house in an almost rural little corner of the dense suburbs ringing Boston just a little over a year ago. Up the block from us the houses sit right on top of each other, but down our end we have undeveloped land in front of us and conservation land in back of us. It was exactly what we were looking for.

Within a week of us moving in we had visits from the local wild turkeys and a small herd of deer. We were enthralled. But along with the beautiful idyll that undeveloped land bestows comes a nasty nasty nasty nasty little creature of mother nature, the deer tick. And with the deer tick and deer comes Lyme disease.

With a year in the house under my belt, I am becoming well-versed in it's life cycle and am finally accustomed to the strain it puts on my pocketbook in Lyme disease treatment for one cat this year, Lyme disease booster shots for the dogs, and don't forget those pricey applications of Frontline for 2 dogs and 2 cats that I need to do monthly.

It is a constant battle to keep the ticks out of the house because even though there is a great deal we can do for the animals to prevent Lyme disease there is very little we can do to prevent Lyme disease in my husband and I. The best defense is a good offense, so they say, so you'll understand that after inspecting Ripley's sweater and Atreyu's bandanna the other night I thought a quick nuke would kill any ticks missed.

The bandanna was a complete loss, but I'm hoping Ripley can still wear this sweater. In the eyes of T.S. Garp, I may even consider it pre-disastered, right?


Shannon said…
Tiny price to pay to keep your family safe. It is very weird that a piece of cotton caught fire. I wonder what chemicals were in it. :)