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November reflections

It's been a rollercoaster month at work. My perceptions on things have shifted so dramatically I was left winded, and more than a pinch wounded. I'm still trying to get my bearings. I count myself lucky I drive to work since for the six years I walked I found it impossible to give myself an adequate pep talk without arousing notice. In the hermetic atmosphere of one's car much is possible and a little pep talk every few days did wonders.

But more than a little self love was needed overall and before I could stop myself I found myself awake on Thanksgiving at 4:30 in the morning and winding the last three skeins of my Socks that Rock stash. That small bit of communion with my stash did wonders, I was fortified for days.

As I wound the yarn I couldn't help but be conscious all the while of my musings on wound yarn just a couple of weeks ago. Yet, in the end, comfort won out over common sense. Who could blame me? Eh, what's a life if it's not a smidge inconsistent? And I was well rewarded by seeing the multi-colored skeins transformed into confections:

STR Seal Rock

STR Watermelon Tourmaline

STR Sugar Plum