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The state of things*...

I am of the opinon that a good indication of how I'm doing can be divined by a quick look into my knitting basket. This morning my basket looks like this:

It's messy and filled with considerable project detritus made worse this past week when I tested out a couple of new projects. I'm letting prior work like the prefrogged Firestarter sock and the twining vine leaf motif swatch clog up my bin. This is a tangible representation of the intangible, my clouded mind.

Last weekend I wanted to knit so badly but I really didn't have the time, or more importantly, the mental energy, to face knitting issues which had become irrationally monolithic. So Sunday I whipped out my Mason Dixon Knitting book and tried to create one of their felted garter stitch boxes. I looked over the pattern and found it easy to redesign for a much smaller, test version, so that I could in turn test a lid pattern for the box, as their pattern is lidless.

Here it is pre-felting. I used Manos del Uruguay yarn leftovers from a dog sweater project. I know it kinda looks like a mushroom. Heh heh heh.

But seriously, that is like a little bin with a lid. It is. Now that I trust my ability to redesign their pattern all I need to do is see how the lid works once the project is felted before going full-size.

Another quickie test project I worked on last week was a raglan sweater christmas tree ornament prototype. I love the yarn and thought the colorway would be perfect.


I was wrong. First, a green sweater isn't going to stand out on a green tree. It just isn't. So strike one for the color choice. Then there is the issue of the yarn striping. It will take more maneuvering than I have the interest to invest in to stop renegade color changes from mucking things up. Case in point is the near-finished prototype:

*11/6 Major edits for content, typos and grammatical mistakes were made. Ugh!