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Christmas Milestone, Christmas Reflection

Six and a half months and 100 posts later, I am still here. I'm not one to take stock of my life at milestones dates; I have never made, much less contemplated, a New Year's resolution in my life. I've had the kind of life where getting by takes all my effort. I don't have the bandwidth to plan for the future, with the exception of budgeting those all important finances.

I've always been okay with that because I've seen a lot worse and I know I've come pretty darn far. I don't wait until New Year's to realize how lucky I am to be where I am in life. I probably have a bit too much pride in how often I do stop to acknowledge the blessings in my life. It's the only thing I have to keep in check my anger at what I have had to face and what I continue to face as an Aspie.

But for a person who has never been able to maintain much consistency, I am damn proud that this here is my 100th post. I'm still posting and still knitting and thanks to the ever expanding knit blogosphere, and Ravelry, my skills and confidence have improved exponentially these past six months.

From Arizona's Valley of the Sun, I wish you Merry Christmas blogosphere.