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Firestarter FO

I finished my Watermelon Firestarters last weekend. I have been waiting for the sun to come out so that I could take a decent photo of them.

It's so hard getting a decent photo of anything without the sun. And it's not just for photos that I'm craving the sun. December is a dispiriting month because of it's obvious absence. It's no wonder our ancient forefathers put the craziness of Christmas right at the end of the winter equinox. It gets our minds off how blighted things are now that the leaves are gone. It's harder to ignore the grey days when all around us nature is grey too. The garishness of garland and Christmas lights are needed to distract us from how little we see the sun.

I'm obsessed with December 23rd, not December 25th. On December 23rd the days finally begin to get longer. My turning 40 years old next week, which has taken front and center of my mind all year, is a blip next to my obsession with December 23rd. Since the end of November arrived, taking with it the last of the fall foliage and the sun, I've been hanging on to the mere idea of a December 23rd as a child hangs on to a security blanket.

Back to the FO.

Madelinetosh Sock in the Violas colorway
100% merino wool
Used apx 380 yards of a 400 yard skein. This yarn is tad too brittle for me and is not superwash. I definitely prefer the softness and pliancy of merino superwash sock yarns. This and my disappointment with how the colorway knit up will most likely keep me from using this yarn in the future.

1 crochet hook of unknown size for the provisional cast on
1 set of size US1 dpns for the toe and heel of the sock
2 size US1 circular needles for the instep
1 set of size US2 dpns for the calf

I pretty much stuck to Yarnissima's Firestarter pattern. Although looking at how the yarn knit up below it is obvious I must have added a rogue stitch or two somewhere. I seemed to have been having a little problem with basic math last month.

I do adore this pattern and will come back to it again.


HobbygÃ¥sa said…
Your socks are great and the colors are beautiful! It is a really nice pattern, I think I have to try... Have a nice day!