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For some reason it's not all about me, darnit!

I've come to realize this week that I cannot seem to muster the interest in finishing a single project that I love, that is just for me. I don't count the Watermelon Firestarters since I knit these because I loved the pattern, not necessarily as a knit for myself.

I have several fantastic projects on needles. First, Blueberry Moon has received nary a glance for almost two months. I just can't commit to the design element. That it's hogging up all my size three circulars hasn't facilitated completion says enough on it's own.

Then there is Project Stole. Last this project saw action was as Thanksgiving weekend travel knitting. That was two weeks ago. I could really use this extra warm, ultra luxurious wrap at work. What's in my way here?

Then there is my Queen's Forest scarf, which, truth be told, is in hibernation. I only cast on the project to reduce the tension in the yarn cakes. I still feel strongly that all scarf knitting must be channelled into Project Stole, so no consternation here.

Where does that leave me? Sneeking off to Sit 'n Knit in Melrose, MA Wednesday morning before a doctors appointment to buy gift yarn and yarn for knitted gifts. These first two skeins of Rowan Big Wool are going to my Dad's wife. She isn't one to buy herself luxury yarns, so I thought I'd indulge her.

My other hope was to find a skein of the spicy incarnation of the Earth colorway from Cherry Tree Hill for a pair of socks for the hubster. I succeeded, and in doing so felt impelled to buy a skein of the Water colorway for another gift recipient.

That picture barely does either skein justice. These are much better.

Yum! I first saw this iteration of CHT's Earth colorway in the supersock merino a couple of months ago. I was very happy to see Janet at Sit 'n Knit still had some left. I thought I'd go for the superwash DK yarn, which I've yet to work with.

After finally getting a decent start on a sock with the Earth, I decided that the Water colorway wasn't going towards a gift after all and I cast on a toe. They'll be for me, me, me, me, me. Since a) not everyone likes socks the color of candy and b) I LOVE socks the color of candy, therefore c) these socks should be for me. Right?

So what have we learned? Really, the bottom line is I only seem to want to knit socks, so socks it will be, with one pair for me. Whee!