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Knitting right along...

At the end of last week I was working on mastering Judy's Magic Cast-On for toe up socks. I still am having some problems with basic math, but the actual knitting part came easily once I remembered it must be done on circular needles. I also kept forgetting that in order to get the final # of stitches I have to cast on an amount that is less than a number that is divisible by four. Even with these two, I wound up fudging the numbers a bit.

Aside from some toe fuzzying, I love these two Cherry Tree Hill socks I cast on last week. I haven't knit DK weight socks in a while. They knit up so quickly, they are total morale boosters!

That's not to say these haven't been a pain to get right. Saturday morning saw us on the road running errands. Seeing my Candy Socks in the light of day was a bit dispiriting:

The blues and ambers were pooling on either side of the sock, and on both the top and the bottom of the sock. I ripped back to the toe and reduced the stitches by two. This seemed to do the trick.

The Firestarter was my first toe up and now casting on these two in the same fashion, I admit I am hooked. I definitely poached ideas from Yarnissima's pattern for my gusset and heel turning and I love how they came out.

This sock is just waiting for a bind off. I'm really interested in a tubular cast off. All I need now is to learn how to do it.