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New Socks, Celebrity, and La Digitessa

So I did wind up taking Project Stole and La Digitessa to Arizona. But after I had packed Saturday night, I rethought my knitting plan and decided I needed a more portable knitting project for all those stop and go moments that travel throws at you. La Digitessa couldn't fill those boots and neither could all 60 inches of Project Stole.

As I sat on the couch that night one skein of the Rhinebeck STR beckoned me, the effervescent Seal Rock. I had been staving off the urge to knit this yarn for a long, long time so it seemed the perfect gift to myself to help face the horror that is contemporary, holiday, economy airline travel. It worked out perfectly. Whenever I needed it, my Seal Rock Socks kept my hands busy and my blood pressure down.

It even brought me close to celebrity. As I knit away at Logan Airport Sunday morning, I must have seemed innocuous because the inimitable Terry Francona and family sat right behind me, as it turns out they were taking the same flight. I couldn't bring myself to blatantly take his picture while he sat there, much less bug him like others did for an autograph, but I did try to wheedle in a phone pic after we disembarked. Try is the operative term.

This is not a tall tale, that bald man in a black jacket and blue jeans is the one and only Terry Francona. I wish I had had the moxie to at least give him my overwhelming thanks for not one, but TWO Red Sox world series wins. I know he didn't do it alone, but still. Terry freakin' Francona.

Back to knitting, and some fabulous knitting at that. I did start La Digitessa on the flight out and have found it a very rewarding, if strenuous knit.

The pattern and chart so far are easy as pie to read and follow, but cabling and twisting stitches on size US0 needles takes concentration and a lot more dexterity than what I usually knit. And you know the front snaking cable was the thing I originally liked the least about the pattern when I purchased it, but seeing it knit up, I am won over completely. Yarnissima's designs are beautifully elegant.


HobbygÃ¥sa said…
Again, such beautiful colors on your socks! And the pattern on the white sock is awsome! Your knitting are great. I wish you a Happy New Year and hope we "speak" again in 2008. Take care!
peaknits said…
Good idea to carry along a mobile project. Your Digitessa's are gorgeous - love the simplicity of the colorway combined with the complexity of the pattern!
Shannon said…
I love that STR colourway. It is absolutely lovely. I also really like your cabled socks. Great work all around.