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Onward Knitting Soldier!

What I was afraid would happen did.

I purchased two sets of size US0, US1, and US2 KA circular bamboo needles at Now and Zen Yarns on Long Island this summer. On Thursday night I confirmed two of the three sets are worthless. Worthless.

The size 0 and 2's metal connectors snag anything that crosses their path. I've known about the size 2s for a while, but I've never had an occasion to try out the size 0s until last night.

I had planned to begin La Digitessa socks on the plane but I had a feeling I'd have to deal with snagging so I decided to cast on the toes before travelling in case I had any problems. This is not something I wanted to deal with at 30,000 feet.

My hunch was on the mark. What do people do when they buy defective needles? It's not like I can return them to the store, I wont be down in that area until next summer at the earliest. A helpful booth owner at Rhinebeck implored me to contact the manufacturer directly, but I think I'm too lazy for that. Then again, this is $24 down the drain. I guess I'll just think on this another day. For now, let me get back to how I dealt with the problem.

I know I could have gone with Yarnissima's short row toe using dpns but I don't really like the wrap and turn technique nor do I like having to pick up provisional stitches, which her short row toe requires. I like the magic cast on toe a lot and that's how I wanted to proceed.

On my first attempt I decided to switch to the size 1s once the snagging became apparent. After seven or eight rows, though, I reconsidered this plan. I didn't want to work the pattern on size 1s, I wanted to knit it on 0s. I next tried using four dpns, but this totally didn't work for me. I had to abandon this plan after half of a row. My final solution was a hybrid. I settled on the snagging circulars for the first three rows after which I introduced the dpns. This did the trick.

Two toes done. Yeah!


Nell said…
That totally stinks! I'm sorry. Maybe you can trade them on knitty or something. Your two toes are so cute. But for a second they looked like pasties!!!
peaknits said…
Darn needles - that is frustrating. I usually am snapping DPN's, ugh. Your toes look great - good to be thinking ahead for your flight - can't wait to see more of this fabulous pattern!