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This month in socks

The past two weeks have been all about the two pair of Cherry Tree Hill socks I've been working on. I still haven't had the presence of mind to bind off the one sock of Candy I finished over a week ago.

I scoured the web and Ravelry for information on tubular casting off and found some conflicting information. I found one source says that it must be in k1p1 rip and scads of bloggers and posters at Ravelry saying they just do it no matter what rib pattern they've knit up. My Candy Socks are k2p1.

Oddly enough many Ravellers and bloggers referenced Montse Stanley's The Knitter's Handbook, which so happens to be one of two knitting books I purchased when I began knitting five or so years ago. I rarely ever reference it because I am a visual learner and it's pictures are drawings, rather than photographs. That has always put me off. So here I sit on the tubular cast off bible and I'm still no where near attempting it.

In my defense, I have been trying to get the Xmas Spice socks done in time for Christmas. By last Tuesday night I had turned the heel and was working my way up the calf when I could ignore it no longer. I took out the scale and was given incontrovertable proof I was way over my yardage if I expected to get two socks out of 340 yards of this Supersock DK. My two options? Buy more yarn or frog and reknit in a much higher gauge.

My preference was definitely more yarn but my LYSes had none. I resigned myself to frogging, nixing the cable motif, and going up three needles sizes to a size US5.

Needless to say they knit up pretty darn fast on size US5. I turned the heel and had just begun some calf shaping on row 10 of the calf when I tucked it away last night. When I finish it up tonight or tomorrow I'll have no excuse but to hunker down and face the tubular cast off.


HobbygÃ¥sa said…
I totally love the colors you use on your socks! Those beautiful colors makes such beautiful socks!