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Xmas Spice FO

On Tuesday I succumbed to the cold my husband had been fighting for a week. I'll blame it on my weakened immune system that I totally gave up on the tubular cast off technique for his Xmas Spice socks. After three or four stitches into the tubular cast on I said f- it. I had no interest in learning a new technique.

I totally felt like a failure of a knitter. A loser with a capital L. But I ignored this and moved on. So I was not a process knitter on that day. Big whoopee. I still have a lovely pair of socks to give my husband for Christmas. That's definitely the more important point here.

If you click to see it larger you can see there is snow fallen on the socks. Snow. Again. For the 3rd time in a week. It was supposed to be a dusting Wednesday into Thursday. Instead it snowed for 24 straight hours I think. I don't know for sure b/c I've been busy in my own world trying to feel better. Which I finally do this morning. It's like a miracle.

I'm always so deliriously happy after a bad cold. So unlike my normal sarcastic self. I think the tone of this post reflects that. I even told some stranger in the parking lot "happy holidays." The "I grew up in NY so I don't talk or look at strangers" me voluntarily spoke to a stranger to exchange perky tidings. I make myself chuckle sometimes with how weird I am.

Anyhoo, back to the knitting... Yarnissima's Firestarter pattern taught me that I can have the slipped stitch/short row heel that top down socks have. And it's totally easy to fudge to your own liking. Well, let's get to the wrap up:

Cherry Tree Hill in the Earth colorway.
100% superwash merino wool in a DK weight.
The color variegation in this skein is significantly different than CHT's identically named Earth colorway of the supersock merino yarn from which I made my husband's Earth Socks this summer. Here we have a deep espresso base color with hints of olive, pumpkin, pale brown ochre, and even an occasional red stitch. The Earth Socks consisted of alternating shades of evergreen and mauve. I much prefer this colorway.

I had started this project on size US2 circs for the Judy's Magic Cast On toe, using size US2 dpns for the rest of the sock. When it became clear I couldn't finish two socks at this gauge I frogged and began again with US5 needles.

This was a "make it up as I went along" pattern. The top of the foot is K2P2 rib, the bottom stockinette. The gusset consisted of a purl frame with the inner triangle in stockinette. I came up with my own variation on the short row heel which I'm too impatient to type out at the moment. I used the technique of joining the slipped stitch heel to the gusset with K2togs gleaned from the Firestarter pattern.

I think this pattern will become my default sock pattern. It's easy, engaging, and lovely. And before I go, let me just share a little snow...


Shannon said…
These socks are wonderful. My hubby bugged me about knitting him a pair of socks for xmas, but I never got around to it. I will have to whip up a pair for Valentine's Day.
peaknits said…
What a gorgeous sock - the gusset is fabulous! I need to pay attention when I knit up that second Firestarter:)