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And then there was snow

I've been in a bubble. It wasn't until the storm alert at the end of the new Sarah Connor Chronicles last night that I had any clue snow was in our near future. Just yesterday I took this photo of the snow left on our lawn from December.

The conservation area, in the background, is almost all free of snow. This patchy stuff left in the far right corner of our yarn receives little sunlight. And not that you asked, but the lack of light, coupled with the really high water table, is why sometimes call this area of our property Lake Beaver (our property is bordered on two sides by the Beaver Dam Brook).

It seems we are slated to get about six inches of snow and I've decided to take a snow day. After the traffic fiasco from the December storm, most communities were eager to close schools. I heard from the hubby that Boston called school off last night. But enough about snow, already. It is winter in New England so it's par for the course. More exciting is that I have two FO's to share this week!

{insert happy dance}

I finally, finally, finally, finished Project Stole. All I have to show for it are some blocking photos so today will be about my Cornucopia Socks.

I was on a mission this weekend. I have a baby project I've been stumbling on that has begun weighing heavily on my mind and making all my WIPs seem like nothing more than additional ball and chains. I especially felt some urgency with the Cornucopia Socks because I was eager to see how the yarn responded to washing.

I am happy to report the answer is beautifully!

I put them in the washer with a load of darks and some Tide, on my usual permanent press setting, and they came out looking fabulous. No shrinkage, no felting, and no untoward growth. Happy as a clam, I am.

Araucania Ranco Multi
75% Wool, 25% Polymid
This is a much coarser wool than I've been using on socks lately. However, it has great texture and knits well with no splitting.

US2/2.75mm & US3/3.25mm dpns, 3.00mm addi turbo circs

Typical toe up construction. I've much improved my tension on the Judy's Magic Cast On toe. I've eliminated most of the pre-blocking puckering.

The stitch pattern I cribbed off of Ravelry. The inspiration was Nancy Bush's rib and cable socks from Fall 2005's Interweave Knits. (This edition also contains the inspiration for Project Stole! What a coinkydink!) This is the first toe up sock wherein I made sure my gusset increases mimic cuff down socks. I really like that look:

All ready to be gifted. Woohoo!


peaknits said…
The socks are gorgeous! Nice job on the gussets, perfect! Enjoy the snow!