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And then there were four...

Once upon a time there were 15 balls of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in my stash.

Abracadabra (aka four months later) now there are four!

I had been using classic Clover circulars to knit this up, with a dpn for cabling. That is up until this Sunday when the unrepentant nature of the joins finally made me switch to straights. I haven't used straights in a long, long while. My recent conversion to toe up socks has resulted in an unexpected conversion to using Addi Turbo's which in turn has spoiled me for my Clover circulars. I'm still not fond of the metal but I looooove the placid joins, so much so I've lost all patience with the obstinacy of my Clovers'.

This project has definitely become a slogalong, but not a bad one. No. The yarn's texture is akin to Malabrigo so it remains a distinct pleasure to knit. It's just the unending length and absence of visible progress that saps my interest. I thrive on visible progress. Who doesn't? I'm convinced that's half the reason I and many others love knitting socks. Wouldn't you agree?

Laid out like this, progress is clearly visible. It's taller than me, but since I'm only 4'11", we would all agree that isn't saying much.

What's aided my renewed interest in getting this WIP off my needles is being able to incorporate the cabling without a needle technique. I was skeptical of this technique since reading up on it for the first pair of Firestarters I did back in the fall. I had a hard time fathoming how knitters use it with fingering weight yarn and the needles that go with fingering weight yarn projects, but reading Peaknit's post about it last week got me over to Grumperina's tutorial again and I was inspired to try it on the heavier weighted yarn of Project Stole.

I'm still working out the kinks of the process, but the relative ease I took to it with the Jo Sharp yarn made me confident enough to try it on the second Cornucopia sock I cast on last night. Consensus: rockin' good!


HobbygÃ¥sa said…
OMG this is beautiful!I have not yet knitted cables, but I sooo have to soon. This is a big job, and I bet you will be happy when it is finished. And happy with a really great pattern!
Nell said…
I love the color. Icy blue is perfect for January knitting.

I can't believe I'm about a foot taller than you! Good thing you more than make up for height with personality!
peaknits said…
OMG - your scarf is coming out fabulously - I can't wait to see it blocked - those leaves absolutely pop already. I have a stash of some of this yarn (in a less delicious colorway of course) and you may have just inpired me to take another look - like Malabrigo you say?:)