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Another day in paradise? Maybe, maybe not.

I checked my email this morning and saw that I had received a comment from fellow Raveller, Knitsabella, in which she told me she nominated me for a "You Make My Day" award on her blog, Knitsabella Knits. I don't which way to turn, I'm flabbergasted, and of course honored, that a few words of help & encouragement about her Firestarter socks translated into a "more than I deserve" award.

I'm an aspie so random human recognition friggin' weirds me out. It was an extremely nice thing for her to do. I don't know yet if I'm going to pay forward the compliment to bloggers I admire. I'll have to think on it. I'm already overwhelmed by life, as all my nerves are busy freaking out about waiting to hear back about a job. I'm supposedly one of two finalists and the job would be a significant change for me. I was really expecting to hear Friday and when I called that afternoon I was told I'd learn about their decision by today, specifically this afternoon at the earliest.

I was pretty miserable sitting in my car Friday afternoon right after I made the call and I succumbed to a two second Hillary weep. Facing a three day weekend in limbo was a daunting thought. After a nice, quiet drive home and a short trudge through the snow with the dogs I got over it.

What I wasn't able to get over was the prospect of knitting on La Digitessa. Her gussets drove me loony Thursday night. Here is one of my partially completed gussets:

Call this a pictoral euphemism of all my work on the gussets thus far (two done, two half done). For a pretty simple chart I kept messing this up left and right. It was obvious I needed a break and so I spent Friday night with the Persuasion miniseries and my baby sweater.

I haven't blogged about this project yet, which I decided just this moment to call Yellow Toot. (Inexplicable to me too. I don't know what the heck it means, but inspiration landed and that is what form it took. Who am I to judge?) Like I was saying, I haven't blogged about the project yet so let me fill in the back story. I started collecting yarn for this project back in November. I knew right away I wanted to do some colorwork and the idea of using Dalegarn Baby Ull quickly followed. Then over the course of six weeks I was plagued by creative congestion. I tried out many ideas, some of which I captured here:

A week or so ago, I finally just jumped in, winging it, as is my way. It's basically a top down piece with a little bit of fair isle.

Once I put it down Friday night I was totally struck by its miniature dimensions. I'm pretty sure it was just my excessive anxiety plaguing me, but I debated with myself all weekend long on whether to frog it or not. By last night I decided to keep on knitting. All I have left is half an arm and weaving in the ends. I should be done tonight.


Nell said…
I'm sending you good new job thoughts today!
Knitting Bandit said…
I like the sock in white. Very nice. Really shows off your stitches. Love the Fair Isle too. It's cute!
peaknits said…
I say take the compliemtn and be proud - no need to stress about paying it forward, it's okay just to revel once in awhile and it sounds like you deserve it! Your sock is coming along fabulously - I am so curious about the Digitessa and had the Spina Di Pesce in my cart today before I just shut down the page - I mean, I don't need another project right?:) The sweater is darling too - glad you kept going!