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Catching Up, Still

I realized, I'm still not done with my Yarn and Me weekend.

As soon as Project Stole was complete, it was time to put in some quality time knitting my LMKG chevron scarf, The Queen's Forest. This little beauty has been in hibernation not only because it was a second tier project, but because even though I LOVE the colors of this yarn, the texture leaves me dead cold. There was no I.HAVE.TO.KNIT.THIS.NOW. going on with this project.

So why did I purchase the yarn? In a word, Rhinebeck. The yarn is called Marshmellow and is made by the indie outfit, Decadent Fibers. Its 80% alpaca, 20% wool.

For many knitters that fiber content would be a magnet, rather than a repellent. Tactile-wise, the yarn is soft and inviting, but as an aspy, the visual messiness is physically grating. That is probably completely unfathomable to most people, but nonetheless true. Unruly fibers such as alpaca, mohair, and angora, vex my senses. However, at the stall at the NY Sheep and Wool festival, the yarn was excessively enticing:

It wasn't until I wound it, and then began to knit with it that my dislike became unavoidable.

All those little fibers clawing their way out of their host core get under my skin. What can I say, I'm uh, unique. :-P

It never dawned on me to swap the yarn. No, the colorways seemed a perfect match for the chevron scarf concept, as well as pattern. And even now that I'm about 50% through, I still agree. It wont be a fast knit, but I've settled on trying to knit at least three inches on it every night, or every other night. With the baby sweater deadline looming, I've fallen off this schedule, but I'll be right back on it when I can and hopefully in a week or two this will be an FO.


"That is probably completely unfathomable to most people, but nonetheless true. Unruly fibers such as alpaca, mohair, and angora, vex my senses."

While I'm not an aspy, my ears perked up when you wrote this. I have felt similar feelings when working with certain yarns, especially mohair. I honestly don't think I'll ever be able to make a full scale mohair project... its just so... hairy... and clingy... it makes me feel cringy inside lol. Though I do love the colorways you have, and the chevron scarf looks so pretty. Hopefully you'll find enough inner moxie to finish it, even if it does mean an inch a night (or a 7 on Saturday night hehe).
Knitting Kris said…
I agree with knitsabella. I could never knit with just mohair. I'm not even sure I prefer mohair blends, so I can relate.
Great chevron scarf, and really nice color combo! Scarves take "staying power."
Thanks for the comments on my blog!
Knit on, and great colors for the BSJ!
blog-blethers said…
Ooooh I hope you can stick with it as the Chevron colours are fantastic.

It's strange, isn't it, the things that vex us? And I'm convinced we all have our own little quirks. I struggle with 'untidy' stocking stitch ... I like it to be smooth, flat, even... And my other biggie is the washing line when drying outside - my friends snort with laughter when they clock just how 'organised' it is;o)
Nell said…
The colors look great together! It's a slow knit but it'll be worth it.
peaknits said…
The Chevron will be fabulous once it is finished - but I am too mid-chevron - ugh, it will take forever.