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Crazy Brain Malfunction

Has your brain ever made you believe things that aren't true? Mine does. It's a cross I bear with longstanding resistance. I was getting in a couple of rows on La Digitessa last week when I was overwhelmed with the idea that my sock tension WAS.ALL.WRONG.

I looked down at the sock and all I could see were smooshed cables with no stitch defniition. I convinced myself that the US0/1.5mm needles were too small for the yarn. I was so convincing I decided to knit up some rows on the second sock using US1/2.0mm needles.

By the time I had a chance, and some sun, to properly photograph the damning evidence my hysteria had dissipated and I could plainly see that my fear was as phony as a two dollar bill.

My brain was trying to tell me I wasn't enjoying knitting these on the US0/1.5mm needles. But because I'm so foolish I may kinda, sorta think I'm less of a knitter because I don't have the fortitude. What a crock. It's true, I want to be that knitter who can knit on size 00's with ease, but I'm not and that's that. I gotta get over it.


Nell said…
That sock is going to be beautiful! I love her patterns. They're so intricate yet they look do-able.

I hear you about tiny needles. I'm having a hard time facing that too.