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I don't even know what to name this post...

The stress built up considerably last week. The posts I wrote over the course of it seem to be emanating an overwhelming shrillness that is discomforting. To be honest, I can't quite make out if the shrillness is coming from the written words or just the memories of my emotional state as I wrote the posts. Either way I want to rip them out and hide them away. Facing them is facing me in a raw and exposed state. I know I need to do it, so I'll do it by moseying along and getting back to the discussion of sweet yarn and knitting goodness. Here goes:

I did finish up the Dalegarn top down raglan baby sweater last week, and it is an acceptable finished garment. It just may be a wee bit (or even two sizes :-/) small.

I can't even bring myself to do a wrap up, other than to say I used size US4 needles and Dalegarn's Baby Ull. I assuaged my feelings of considerable inadequacy by delving into a new pattern, which can be, for me, pouring salt on an open wound. But, I did it anyway, and the lusciousness of the knit was a salve, rather than an irritant:

The pattern is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ). This is my first go around with it, as well as the yarn I'm using, the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted. As I mentioned earlier, I cast this on a week ago today.

I've never ever, ever, ever understood the charm of the garter stitch until now. I always preferred the look and feel of seed stitch. But as I knit this yarn I was so seduced by it's sproingyness, by the soft and lofty merino, my fancy with it began to fan the flames of a long dormant afghan project. You see, I've been hoarding 18 skeins of Paton's Classic Merino for seven or so months now, unable to commit to a stitch pattern.

One of the many ideas fermenting in the back of my mind was the Log Cabin Afghan from the Mason Dixon book. My only reserve was the concept of all that garter stitch. On one hand, it's the perfect winter, no brainer knit, on the other hand it is a mindless, no brainer knit, just miles and miles and miles of knit stitch.

The stalemate enused for months but is now over. All it took was working on the EZ BSJ for maybe an hour or two and a dash of anxiety induced startitis. The M1s in the BSJ pattern began to seem too taxing and the idea of easy square knitting more desirable, so I found myself grabbing a couple of skeins of the Patons and casting on. It was yummy yummy no brainer goodness. Perfect for my state of mind!


Shannon said…
I am so sorry you have been stressed. I felt out of my mind last week, and I just wrote it off to the full moon. ;)

I am excited to see how your log cabin progresses. I started one a while ago, but I hated the color combo so I ripped it out. Maybe I should choose something new and give it another chance.
Nell said…
The BSJ is looking good. Love that color!