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My Yarn and Me Weekend - Part Deux Two

Sunday morning I awoke with the fresh vigor that comes with knowing that even though it's a Sunday, it is a Saturday Sunday because there's no work the next day. I love that feeling.

Knowing I could procrastinate one more day on changing the sheets and duvet and taking care of the rest of the laundry, I dove right into La Digitessa. I think hubby wanted to ignore some impending duty because he suggested a road trip up to Center Harbor, New Hampshire, home of the fabulous Patternworks. Who was I to resist? I packed up three projects and we were off.

The shopping portion of the trip was a bust. I was really hoping to find something to inspire me to replace Yellow Toot. They sell Dalegarn, but they had not a single inspiring Dalegarn pattern pamphlet. I was also hoping to find some of that Lime and Blue Malabrigo which I used for Ripley's sweater for another project. Again, nada. But I didn't walk away empty handed. I picked up this little doodad:

In case it's not obvious, it's a car magnet. The sales clerk told me that she had one and a crazy driver agressively stalked her all the way to her destination. The stalker turned out to be a knitter who JUST.HAD.TO.KNOW where she got the car magnet. I had to have one, too. And even though my station wagon doesn't seem to have a lick of metal on the back hatch, there seems to be enough on the back haunch to get this baby to stick.

So a beautiful wintry drive, but no yarn, and no cure for my knitting restlessness. I still had Monday and enough nervous energy to make the most out of it. I awoke determined to purchase some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted I had lovingly fondled at an LYS a couple of weeks earlier. It would be perfect for an EZ Baby Surprise Jacket, the salve for my Yellow Toot troubles. Done!

On my way there I hit a chain store and miraculously they still had some of that Lime and Blue Malabrigo left.

I was on a roll and by the time the weekend was out, I had two more WIPS on needles. But that'll have to wait for another day.


Hobbygåsa said…
So beautiful yarn, and what a great car magnet! I have read a bit about Malabrigo on Ravelry, is it so great to knit with that people say? And what about after wearing the finihed object for a while/washed it - it it still ok?
tracy at said…
I'm disappointed to hear that Patternworks wasn't more inspiring. From their catalog, I would expect more of a "kid in a candy store" type of experience!
Nell said…
Malabrigo is yum, yum, yummy. Lucky girl!

I have to go with disappointed in Patternworks. I definitely expect the world of yarn experience there.
Hobbygåsa said…
Thank you for the information, I recogn I can't avoid to buy some skeins and try. It always end that way.... And the stash is getting bigger...