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One Complaint and a Woodpecker

My husband ordered me a few belated Christmas gifts from Knit Picks last Saturday and being the impatient louche that I am I immediately started stalking the order. Every day the order status remained "pending." So by Tuesday I'm pissy and I call and they tell me that there is no problem with the order it's just that their warehouse is backed up because they were closed for 12 days.

I hold my tongue on the phone, but in my head I'm saying WTF?!? What could they be thinking closing their warehouse for twelve whole days during the busiest retail season of the year? Geesh! What kinda company gives their employees the holiday season off!?! Truly. What kinda company?

Who's the scrooge now, huh? Well, at least I'm kind to birds. (Now that's a weird segue, eh?)

Last May was the first spring in our current home and I took a week off to do some organizing and relaxing and I got a chance to do the first birding in my life. Where I grew up the only birds I recall were pigeons and seagulls. So I was more than eager to spend time during that vacation watching the birds. It didn't take long to get hooked. And slowly but surely I've been accumulating bird feeding apparatuses ever since.

Anticipating the snow inhibiting my access to the bird feeders in the yard, I devised a way to be able to keep feeding the birds all winter, as well as bring the birds closer to the house for keener viewing.

I'm pretty darn impressed with my grand notion of stacking the suet feeders. Now we can watch them with ease while we eat. We have one downy woodpecker who loves the suet.


Tracy at said…
I've just started birdwatching myself, after our move to the Finger Lakes. We've had mostly sparrows (lots of sparrows!), nuthatches, juncos, and chickadees, but we did see a hawk come snatch a sparrow off the birdfeeder early one Sunday morning. Now THAT was entertainment! (Poor sparrow...)
Nell said…
Knit Picks shipping always takes FOREVER. And of course, we want our stuff yesterday!

Beautiful birds!
peaknits said…
How funny - about getting pissy with Knitpicks - love it - I mean, we gotta get our knitting stuff when we gotta get it!:) Love the close up of the Woodpecker - nice to have a front row view of nature.
blog-blethers said…
Fantastic pics of the feeders and the birds. My parents feed the birds at their home and have many 'regulars'. Whilst loving watching nature so close at hand, I'm too scared to do it here as can just see the cats licking their lips:( I know what you mean about 'wanting it now!' when we order yarn based goodies....