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Sliding my way into the weekend...

It was my plan to get a blog post in about my recently cast on baby sweater this week. Doesn't look like that's gonna happen since all I've been knitting (and thinking about) are my La Digitessas.

Once I began to knit sock #2 on US1/2.25 mm needles I actually began to enjoy the knit. So much so I didn't stop knitting until I got a few rows into the gusset and realized I needed to catch up on the first sock. (My plan is to work on these in tandem, so as to better master each phase, as well as reduce knitastrophes).

While knitting sock #2 I made the decision not to frog sock #1, which is knit on US0/2.0 mm needles, but to just pick up where I left off with the larger needles. This is my first go around at the pattern, I don't expect, or need, perfection. Next time around I'll be unforgiving.

So far the discrepency isn't that overwhelming. What was overwhelming was going back to knit on the first sock. OMG, I didn't realize how miserable a knit it was until I had a comparison. I made the right decision switching to US1s. What I was doing on the size US0 needles can't really be considered knitting, it was more like pulling teeth through tight knots. Stoopid! Strike one for succumbing to knitting peer pressure.

Part of the problem is that the yarn is really, really splitty and the splitty sections can get very puffy (maybe from the cashmere content?). Splitty can be dealt with but when the splits are obscured by fluff, it's very frustrating. I don't even know how I got as far as I did on the US0s. Now that I'm in a better gauge, the splitty issues have decreased and I've been able to use the knitting without a cable technique. This is helpful because it's now the gussets that are kicking my arse. I'll leave that discussion for another day when I have pictoral assistance.

Have a great weekend, blogosphere!


Nell said…
So pretty. You're doing a great job! All those traveling stitches and cables. Woot!
Those socks are so nice! Intricate but subdued - I like that ^_^

By the way, you've been awarded. Thank you so much for being so helpful (and nice about it!)