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What to do, what to do?

As I mentioned earlier, I picked up a few skeins of a fabulous-looking yarn a week or so ago, Araucania Ranco. The yarn was purchased to make gift socks. I received an alarming comment from blogger pickayarn that the yarn doesn't hold up very well to even normal care and a silent but resonant alarm went off in my head. What do I do?

Well, first, I hit Ravelry and sent messages to several members who have made socks with this Araucania Ranco yarn. I noticed at once that the earliest completed projects I found were from December. Does that mean this is a new yarn or that older projects have yet to make it on to member profiles? My impression was that the yarn itself is new to the market.

Yesterday morning I checked Ravelry and I received responses to three of the messages I sent. One member lives in Australia and has yet to wear her finished socks, since it's now summertime down under. The other two confirm that despite what the label says, the end product does need to be handwashed. Neither mentioned the expansion in size that pickayarn did, but one of them did report felting to the bottom of her feet, as pickayarn did.

Well I'm already done with one sock and they are beautiful in my eyes. This colorway makes me think of a fall cornucopia, so that is what I've decided to call it.

I'll finish the second sock and stick it in the washer et al. on gentle and see what happens. If they felt up they may still fit me since they are way too large now. I will then return the one skein I didn't cake, stash the one I did, and begin again in finding new yarn. If they do hold up, well, I'll use the other two skeins as intended and find new yarn to replace this gift.


Nell said…
Pretty, pretty, pretty. I hope the yarn ends up holding up well. That's never fun to realize the yarn you love might be not as perfect as you hope!