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The end of the Yarn and Me Weekend. For reals.

Last night was a scramble to finish the BSJ and make some cookies for the baby shower tomorrow. And with the exception of maybe a wash and dry for the sweater, I'm all set. So, I thought I'd take this opportunity to finally catch up. Oh yes, I still have one more story from the yarn and me weekend. Itsy bitsy, and here it is.

What the heck is that, you ask? Well, it's a thing for animals to sleep on. Exciting. Thing. Yeah.

This project started out as a fly-by-my pants knit and felted knitting basket. The only problem was when I felted it, the sides bowed out like a concave lens. I later learned that lighter colors felt at a slower rate than dark colors. I also learned I didn't know what I was doing when I designed the project. Good times.

As far as the felting, I understand now, I should have used a much tighter gauge on the yellow Lopi. When the yellow failed to felt at the same rate as the dark green, the bowl became a concave mess. And this mess lay ignored in the laundry area of the basement, for who knows how long. I think it may have been a year. Then, the yarn and me weekend whirlwind hit, and it pulled this project into it's vortex. I threw it in the washer once more and attempted to shape it:

The good news, it's no longer a WIP. The bad news, well, isn't all that bad; instead of a knitting bag, I have a badly made kitty pi.

So there you go. Done! No more stories from a weekend three weeks ago. Now all I need to catch up on is last weekend. Here's a big yummy hint:


Nell said…
The kitties are going to LOVE their new bed. Comfy and cozy. Aren't pet cuddles the best?!?!
Hmmm you learn something every day (I had no idea about the light/dark color felting issues!) Its sort of funny that the kitty bed started out as a knitting basket - when I first saw the picture, it looked like you intentionally made a kitty pi. I'm sure the kitties will love it. At least you learned from the experience :)
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