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Have we met?

Ahem. Good day. I was in the area, so I felt it my duty to introduce myself. I think in this kingdom I am known as The Queen's Forest. (What a pretentious mouthful! I assure you this is not of my own doing. )

A little about myself, you say? Well only a short while ago I was a respectable 81 inches long. And before I knew it a steam iron was put to me (I must not be considered good enough for a Eucalan soak! What impudence!) and now I am a vertiginous 90 inches. What was that foul person thinking?!?

I come from a long line of ancient peoples, known as Last Minute Knitted Gifts Chevron Scarves.

I am a distinctly new variety. Rather than superwash merino, I am made of a unique mixture of 80% alpaca and 20% merino wool. I am in no way concerned that my brethren prefer to be made of BMFA STR. No, I am not. I am a unique flower and damn proud of it. Oh, I am so soft to the touch and visually distinctive, I dare say my benefactress had it right in naming me. Yes, I think it only proper to concede this.

Marshmallow by Decadent Fibers
A sport weight loosely plied yarn made of 80% alpaca, 20 merino wool
Approximately 550 yards
The yarn was purchased at their booth at the New York Sheep & Wool festival. The yarn tags did not indicate colorways, but looking at their website, I am almost sure they are Salsa and Mesclun.

Because I purl much tighter than I knit, I experimented with needles sizes. I began using size US3 bamboo straights. With stockinette, this isn't much of a problem, but with the knitting through the front and back loop increases I found my tight purling made the knit side increases prohibitive. I finally settled on a US3 for the RS rows and a US5 for the purl side.

The pattern, as noted above, is from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

I started the scarf on November 11, 2007 and finished on February 16, 2008. Although it got a bit touchy towards the end, the finished scarf is beautiful. I may even try to knit a pair of fingerless gloves with the leftover yarn. But not anytime soon, mind you. ;-)


HobbygÃ¥sa said…
Those are just beautiful! Lovely colors, great pattern, great job! Beautiful!
peaknits said…
Your scarf is fabulous - definitely worth the wait! Reminds me I need to get back to mine...but yours... Perfection!
Shannon said…
WOW!! I love the way this turned out. Absolutely fabulous. Wear this one with pride. :)
Joan said…
Stunning scarf!! It is without a doubt the most beautiful version of the chevron scarf I've seen. Your photo wearing it could be an IWK cover. ;-}
Knitting Kris said…
I really got a chuckle out of your commentary! The scarf is truly beautiful! What great taste in choosing the color combination!
I started and frogged mine...too skinny with fingering weight yarn, but it's on my list to knit, when I decide to knit scarves again.....
Perserverance pays off!
Nell said…
So pretty!!! I love that the yarns contrast but go together so well. Nicely chosen.
What a great, great scarf. It looks like it was worth all of the hard (and tedious) work. Congrats :)