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Hello, Goodbye

A Lesson in Knitter's Denial

I finished up the Malabrigo Foliage Hat from the Knitty pattern this weekend. It's ready to fit a pumpkin, but me? not so much.

That is a full size towel wadded up inside the hat. So, yeah, a little big, and a total bust. My problem started when I printed out the pattern on portrait instead of landscape mode and the right side of the instructions were cropped. I thought I knew what I was doing and winged it. By the time I had gotten my hands on the full instructions I was deep in denial, and therefore, on a one way road to completion.

So it'll be froggsville as soon as I figure what kind of hat I am going to knit with this yarn. It is treacherously obvious that the variegation and the lace are a poor fit. I was considering EZ's Snail Hat, but the variegation will still get in the way.

Ugh! What do to, what to do?!?!

(Thanks for all the generously wonderful comments on my chevron scarf!)


peaknits said…
I still think it is pretty albeit frustrating! Lessons learned are the most valuable!:)
Nell said…
It is really pretty. Maybe a plainer hat would be better. You still want to have that malabrigo close to your head. So SOFT!!
Knitting Kris said…
Gosh, that is really pretty, nice knitting and nine malabrigo!
I just love those colors....I'm with Nell - could you use it for a plainer hat?