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A leap's year

I wasn't that inspired to post today, or lately, to be honest. Yet, I was over at Peaknit's blog, catching up on my blogstalking, and saw her sweet happy birthday message to her mom, who so happens to be a leap year baby.

Obviously, leap year birthdays are rare, and probably relished all the more so because of this and so I immediately thought it would be good to mark today's date on my blog for the same reason. But what to talk about, as all my knitting are slogs?

I'm still vacillating on whether to restart my La Digitessa's using a more appropriate yarn. It worked like a charm on my first pair of Firestarters. Yet....I'm just not ready to give up. I think as soon as I'm done with Blue Wavering, I'm going to hit these full force and not frog and restart.

Speaking of Blue Wavering, I frogged the first sock back to the start of the gusset two days ago and am just about to begin the short-rowing on the heel. I just might have these done this weekend if I stay project faithful.

My second to last attempt at the Lime & Blue malabrigo scarf, shown below, was frogged last night. It's been sitting in this state for about a week. I just couldn't commit to it. I cast on again last night, tweaking the cable pattern a bit and was quickly underwhelmed with what I had come up with. I frogged this iteration immediately.

My aunt made a thought-provoking suggestion of knitting a tubed scarf to recapture the striping of the hat, but I don't have enough yarn for even an 60" scarf at the rate a tube would eat up yarn. But I haven't given up the idea entirely. A little part of my mind is still juggling this and other ideas. I believe if I wait long enough, my inner designer will find the perfect resolution.

Lastly, I added a couple of interesting skeins of sock yarn to my stash last week, only one of which proved to be photogenic:

This yarn is from a local dyer out of Amesbury, MA, JKnits, and is sold at one my LYSes. I'm excited to see how it knits up.

P.S. Blogger's spellcheck is back in action!


Nell said…
A tube scarf would be cool but maybe that yarn just needs a little time out!
Knitting Kris said…
I love the color of the J. Knits yarn. I have one skein of it in my stash (different color).
I hate it when the knitting projects aren't working, and the frustation sets in. Hang in there. You're a talented knitter. It will come. I just love that malabrigo! Fabulous colors!
peaknits said…
Am I reading between the lines, is is also your birthday - are you a leap year baby?? If so, I hope you had a wonderful one - we so enjoy a silly family evening with my mom, thank you for mentioning it:)

That Malabrigo, oh it's beautiful! Good luck choosing a sock to work on...that La Digitessa was looking fabulous - have you decided to abandon the white/ creamy yarn for something else?