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Mush for Brains

Maybe it's the barometric pressure, or too much political punditry in the air, but in the past week I've had knitting mush for brains. I'm closing in on a few things but I also feel like I'm getting no where. (I so wanted to add an "s" on that!)

Monday night, desperate for a new hat, I took out my needles, cast on eight stitches using Judy's magic cast on, and just knitted. I wasn't sure I was going to like what I came up with, but I needed an FO in this yarn, in the worst way. By Tuesday evening my mission was accomplished.

Because of the overal ribbing, and the width I chose to knit in, it fits like a cloche. I expect it to expand more after its first wash. I have a strong disinclinition for tight clothing, so hat sizing is always a gamble for me.

I'm in love with the striping going on as the hat's circumference increased. I just wish I could get the companion scarf to do that. After multiple tries last night, I had to give up. I'll get splotching at best, no striping.

Malabrigo worsted merino
Lime & Blue Colorway

Size US7 bamboo circs.

I just cast on eight stitches using JMCO and made eight increases every other row, using the increases to define the pattern. The pattern itself turned out to be a repeat of c2/p4/k2/p4, with at total stitch circumference of 112 stitches. I used a nine row cable repeat and staggered where I cabled every other cable.


Knitting Kris said…
Love the hat! I think that the pattern works well with the yarn, and the striping is a huge bonus.
I really love malabrigo in this color.
Tracy at said…
What a great hat! I just love the way the color pooled just right. But when it comes to trying to replicate this happy accident in a scarf...just walk away. Life is too short to spend time swearing at your knitting.
peaknits said…
oooh, going to the frog pond with this Malabrigo totally paid off! The hat is gorgeous!
Nell said…
That's a much better pattern for this lovely yarn! Great hat!