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My sister received her socks, the Christmas Balls socks, and she wont try them just yet, even though I need her to tell me if they are too tight. She's parsimonious like that. Me, I have to jump right into things immediately, or they lose their charm. Not my sister, she is doomed to save, save, save. Being the opposite, I've always assumed she's missing out by being frugal, hence the "doomed," but maybe she enjoys the savoring, more than the wearing. I can't believe I'm just realizing this possibility now, as in right this minute as I write.

The first real socks (real-life, foot-shaped socks in sport weight yarn, as opposed to christmas-stocking size socks, in worsted weight yarn, the likes of which hubby still wears around the house) I ever made were for her. And you know after I sent her the pair I realized she might never wear them. Why? She's a hoarder. It's just her way. So you know what I did? I made a second pair immediately and sent them along with a directive that she must wear at least one pair. I don't know if she ever wore both pairs, but I did see one worn pair years ago in her laundry pile.

During these passed five weeks, as I waited to hear back about the second job interview I had in January, I contemplated my tendency to lose interest. I grew anxious as the job's appeal ebbed as each day came and went. Add the painful yin to this yang, my fear of failure and the sting of rejection, I've been jumbled, body and soul.

The waiting is over and I'm thankful for it. On Friday, I learned I didn't get the job and I'm disappointed and relieved simultaneously. More mixed feelings to wade through. More future choices to ponder.

But at least I know which direction I'm going in and it included a pitstop at a LYS. Shortly after learning the news on Friday, we received an early release from work due to weather and what goes with snow and self-pity better than yarn? Well, maybe chocolate, but then when yarn keeps on giving, it isn't in the form of love handles, now is it? Pictures of my purchases will wait for another day, as this post is already too wordy and I still have an FO to get to.

To comfort my mind on Friday, I resolved on finishing the striped mitts. The knitting went quickly, and even though I wound up frogging the top three quarters of the first finished mitt, the final pair were completed by Saturday evening.

Artyarn's Handpaint Stripes in colorway #104
100% Merino, worsted weight
I used aproximately 3/4 of the skein, so about 140 yards

Size US4/3.5mm addi turbo circulars

I made the pattern up as I went along. I cast on 54 stitches and worked in the round on two circs using a K2P1 rib. The tight gauge and rib make for a dense, but still pliable fabric. I knew right away that the density would be too great for the palm, so I changed over to stockinette for this part of the mitt.

On the first go around, I hoped in vain that the change to stockinette would provide enough ease for a thumb gusset and allow me to forgo the need to knit increases. It didn't. When I separated out the stitches for the thumb and knit the rest of the mitt and the thumb, the fabric twisted. I think the rib helped visually accentuate the twist more than plain stockinette might have.

On the second mitt, I shortened the wrist portion by half. The original was longer than necessary considering these are to be worn with long sleeves. I also began the thumb gusset sooner, to improve on shaping of the mitt. The original thumb was a bit too highly placed on the palm. The second prototype came out very well, and so I frogged the first mitt back and reknit using the same guidelines.

When you look at the first pic, don't they look too small to be full-sized fingerless mitts? My hands are chubby, but very small (like the rest of me.) I'm loving these a great deal and am wearing them as I type. With over one skein left, I thought I could knit a hat to match, but I think a better use for this yarn will be a pair of thick house socks.


peaknits said…
I hope your sister wriggles those socks on quickly - or you should probably repossess them:) The mitts are lovely - I love the colorway! I'm glad you are not overly let down by the job opportunity - another will come along and the waiting is such a drag.
Knitting Kris said…
Oh, a hoarder in the midst? I sometimes do this. Then I remind myself that I need to enjoy life, especially great handknit socks NOW!
The mitts are fabulous! The colors and striping are so pretty.

I wish you the best in your job