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Not the FO I had hoped for, but an FO all the same

I'm glad you guys like my stitch holder idea. It definitely helps keep the well of motivation filled.

Friday evening I had to actually muster the energy to measure my chevron scarf, The Queens Forest. And wouldn't you know it, the scarf grew a bit; it was now at 66 inches.

By this point I was blaming the scarf for all manner of irritants. Yeah, I'm mature like that. Every stitch I knit over the weekend, I begruged. Non-sensical as that is, I have to own up to it. Instead of wrapping up this project, I was only able to add another four inches to it. She now stands at 70 inches and I keep telling myself that if I can just knit an inch or two a night, it'll be an FO in no time.

Instead, I found myself drawn to my Christmas Ball Socks.

This gets the balance due on my sock gifting down to two.

I love this lightweight Socks that Rock yarn. I love to watch the shifting colors as I knit, I love the gusset pooling. I love it so much I feel compelled to knit stockinette socks. Ribbing or other texture just gets in the way. The recipient of this pair of socks prefers ribbing, so I used a long 4 x 2 rib cuff to pacify these competing desires.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight
100% superwash merino in the Christmas Balls colorway

Size US0/2.00mm addit turbo circs for the whole foot. Size US1/2.5 circs and 2/2.75mm circulars and size US 1/2.5mm rosewood dpns for the leg. I really wanted to prove my mettle using the US0 needles, and I did, sort of. I found the heel turning to be an uncompromising bit of knitting with the US0s. This yarn is a bit too sturdy and inflexible at that gauge. I would be wise to use US1s or greater on heels knit in this yarn and weight in the future.

To begin, Judy's magic cast on toe. Just my basic knit as you go pattern from there after. I used larger needles, instead of stitch increases, for shaping as I went up the leg.

Note for the future, at 60 stitches, the foot is snug. Good for giftees, but not for me. I'll need to add at least 4 to 8 stitches when I knit socks for myself at this gauge and weight.


HobbygÃ¥sa said…
Ahh, purple, I just love them!
Nell said…
STR usually ends up in a kind of stripey pattern for me. I like that you got a more varigated effect. I love them!

So close on the scarf! You can do it!!!
I can see why you are falling in love with the yarn and the socks - that colorway, and the way the colors striped, pooled, and danced are so nice. And I love the closeup pictures of the little US0 stitches :)
Knitting Kris said…
Loverly socks! And great pics! Go, go, go with the scarf! You can do it! Ahem... I removed the cheerleader outfit now! :)
peaknits said…
Keep on that scarf - it will be done:) The socks are great - even if they are tad tight for you what a generous gift they will make!
Joan said…
Gorgeous socks! I find that if I go down or up a size, I can beat the pooling. But most times I just accept it. Have some STR yarn on order. ;-}

PS: I am the new admin of the New England Knits webring & after housecleaning it, you should now be able to cruise thru it easily. ;-} LMK if you run into any problems.
Shannon said…
I love love love the toes on these. They look so pretty.