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Empty Rooms, Empty Basket, & Peace...

Hubby had a grand old time being my foot model. He has no reason for modesty, and clearly he knows it.

As you can see my Blue Wavering socks are done. One good wash and they'll be ready for the post. With a second cast off to tighten up one sock's bind off, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. As I contemplated the status of my knitting basket, (near empty!), the elephants meandering out of the room were near tangible. Who would have thunk three and a half ounces of knitted wool goodness would have such import?

Really they don't. I know it in my heart. Time is working it's magic and it has coincided with the conclusion of these socks. I've still have a way to go, but after seven or so months of stress it's nice to breath some uncomplicated air.

Seriously, though, my knitting basket is near empty! This is such a hallelujah! moment for me. I decided to put the Malabrigo yarn away and I resisted casting on another sock. As of today, I have Blueberry Moon, La Digitessa, and a Log Cabin afghan left to face and all three received action this weekend.

Sick to death of the endless k4p1 rib of the Blue Wavering socks, I pulled out La Digitessa. As of Friday the process knitter in me had decided to soldier on. Saturday afternoon I turned both heels, made a brief foray into the leg pattern, and set it aside to finish up the Blue Wavering socks.

Looking at the charts, it's smooth sailing from here on out. Memorizing the pattern shouldn't take much effort. Only one thing will get in the way of finishing these up this week, and that is Blueberry Moon.

The last I looked at this sweater was back in October. But last night I pulled out the bag this project was in, reorganized it, and set to work reacquainting myself with it. I did some frogging and some knitting and who knows, maybe March be this project's month.


Nell said…
Excellent socks! You're a brave woman to knit men's socks. They have such big feet!
peaknits said…
Nice socks - both pairs! I can't wait to see how the LaDigitessa comes along, it is such an intimidating pattern to me:)
Knitting Kris said…
I'm also intimidated by the Yarnissma patterns! I haven't ordered LaDigitessa yet, but I have Fratello. I have to master toe-ups before beginning that.
I like the finished socks!
A process knitter......hmmmm.....what's that? (says the knitter who has such horrible ADD when it comes to knitting).......:)