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The La Digitessa pattern by Yarnissima is perfection. My iteration? Not so much.

That's not to say I'm not proud of my achievement, it's just that I know I can do better, and I will. I fully intend to make a second pair with a yarn better suited to the intricate pattern.

The biggest problem I had was with the gussets. My increases were very holey. My next biggest problem was with the heel K2togs. My purl stitches are very wide and laddery.

Lana Grossa Meilenweit 50 Seta/Cashmere
65% Merino, 15% Silk, 16% Polymid, 4% Cashmere
This is a soft yarn with great stitch definition. The fluffy, splitty nature made for a difficult knit on the 2.00 and 2.50mm needles. I hard a much easier time once I transitioned to the 2.75mm.

I used about 84 grams out of a total 96 grams, or 396 yards of yarn.

I used circulars primarily. I started out with size 2.00mm needles but transitioned to 2.50mm needles mid foot. Somewhere around the heel on both socks I transitioned to 2.75mm needles.

Although the pattern looks complicated, it's pretty simple. I think there may be one error in chart 5a, where the ladder cabling morphs into the traveling bars. I think I had to k2tog where the pattern indicates to cable the stitches, but I was at the beauty parlor when I hit this snag, so I didn't document it properly.

I definitely started the gussets too late, which gave me extra long feet. As well, the pattern indicates that the knitter should start the gusset on a row four of the laddering cable, but when I did so I wound up on a different part of chart 1 when the traveling bars intersected the main snaking cable pattern. It isn't' the end of the world, but next time I need to make sure to begin the gussets on the right row of the pattern.

I also alternated the pattern so that the traveling cable bars and crowning C1s intersected in the opposite direction on both socks, because like the Harlot (#2), that's how I roll.


peaknits said…
Well, I think your socks are pretty clopse to perfection - the sticthes really pop with the pale colorway - what a feat!
Nell said…
Gorgeous! Great job! I'm sorry you don't think they are perfect, but I think they are really, really, REALLY close!
Knitting Bandit said…
It sucks to work so hard on something and then to not be thrilled with it. Maybe a multi colored yarn would have made what you view as imperfections not stand out? I'm glad to hear you didn't think the pattern was terrifyingly difficult, I've felt a little intimaidated by it. Thanks for sharing, I know I'll be refering back to this post.
The dark background paired with the white socks looks lovely and really helps showcase the intricate pattern. Absolutely perfect socks are far and few in between, especially if its the first time you're trying the pattern. Sure, there are little mistakes and things you'd do differently the next time around, but I think they look really nice :)
Claudia said…
OMG - these socks are so awesome. You just commented on my blog and I had to look at yours. I love these twisted stitch sock patterns. Thanks to you I just bought a couple of patterns from Yarnissima. WOW!!! Love you stitch definition! And your pix!