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A thank you, a pardon my way, and some knitterly stuff

I want to thank everyone for the very sweet comments on both my blog and my sock. My social awkwardness looms large at moments like these. People say nice things and I have the urge to send expansive emails thanking them but I never do. There is a wall between me and the world wide web that I haven't yet learned to traverse.

Emotionally, I feel like I know many of you intimately. You let me glimpse your own lives. I read about your good days, your bad days, and the fabulous knitting that happens either way. Intellectually, I feel very distant, as if you are like my favorite TV characters and so I shouldn't bridge the gap with even the minimal human contact of an email. Part of me thinks this is my way as an aspy, but part of me thinks that doesn't cover it. Other bloggers must feel exactly as I do. We are so intimate, yet we are strangers. Some people can befriend strangers easily, others, like me, cannot.

I'm living and I'm learning and I'm very thankful for those of you who come my way and share a little bit of yourselves in the comments section. I truly appreciate it.

As far as knitting, right now the end is near on Blueberry Moon. I just have to know when to say stop and begin the ribbing. I have enough yarn for another five or six inches, but I'm not sure yet if I want another five or even two inches. The fabric is very drapey so I worry that I may need to go shorter than my impulse. But, then, a too short sweater is far less useful than a too long one. In other words, a decision is still brewing.

Last week I purchased a pair of mannequin feet off of ebay. They're not as large as I would have hoped, but they did pretty well displaying the La Digitessa's. They will be perfect for my diminutive sock size but for the larger socks I knit, I just may have to break down and get the large sized sock blockers. Pooh.

I've already frogged back my jewel rib sock because I seem to be experiencing gusset brain freeze. I started the gusset about 12 rows too soon. I kept knitting though, and decided to just knit even after getting the desired width with the gusset, thinking that would do the trick. It didn't look or feel right:

Someday I will write down a basic sock pattern so that I don't reinvent the wheel every time. Good idea, dontcha think?


Naah, part of the fun of improv socks is having to reinvent the wheel :)

No worries about thank you emails - in an odd way I think that is all quietly understood in some sort of internet psychicness.

Oh.. and those mannequin feet ROCK.
peaknits said…
OMG, normally I feel exactly the same way - but then you gave such great insight on your thoughts on the Gone Baby Gone movie - I couldn't resist today - such funny timing!
Nell said…
You should definitely write a pattern!

Think back to when you didn't knit. Did you ever you think you would write a sentence saying.... I bought mannequin feet on ebay.

I love what knitting does to us!
Knitting Kris said…
Love the manequin feet!
I also love the sock, both the pattern and the yarn...what colorway is that? The pattern is gorgeous too!