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To Mobius, or not to Mobius

I still have the remainder of a ball of Artyarns Handpaint stripes in my knitting bin and it whispers sweet nothings to me whenever it catches my eye. It's siren's call is getting harder to ignore.

I used this yarn to make a pair of striped mitts a month ago which are now my office hand warmers.

I absolutely love the combination of these colors. Yum yum yum yum yum. According to my ravelry calculations, I have about 244 yards. Enough for a Mobius to keep at work so that I can be all matchy matchy and nauseate my cubemates. Good times.

But as I pondered how to mod the mobius to suit my own tastes, it dawned on me that a tubular cowl would be just the ticket to recreate the striping of the lime and blue malabrigo hat. I might not have enough yarn for a tubular scarf, but I have more than enough for a cowl scarf.

Now it's just a matter of brewing up a pattern.


Knitting Kris said…
I love the lime and blue color combo!
Go for the mobius! I love to be all matchy matchy, if not only to irritate people (although, really I'm a bit of a people pleaser, truth be told).

Coming to Maryland Sheep and Wool?
Nell said…
Lime and blue is such a good combination. A mobius would be lovely.
Shannon said…
I haven't made a mobius yet, but every time I see one I oh and ah over it. I say go for it.
Knitting Bandit said…
To Mobius, or not to's so funny that I read your post today...the day I have been asking myself that same question!!! I got lucky on a Wollmesie update and bought a trio of yarns intended for her Mobius wrap. I don't want to knit the wrap...I just want to badly to try the worsted weight. But I keep wondering maybe I should make it. I'd never where it, but it'd be a great challenge. Hmmm..I'm still undecided.