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Today's Mood: Project Knitter

It may be Blueberry Moon's week and not La Digitessa's. Facing miles of stockinette just seems more palatable at the moment, and might remain so for the rest of the week. We'll see. I've got my marathon hair appointment this afternoon and I've brought both of these projects, as well as a cake of sock yarn.

Here she is with the sleeve I finished Sunday night. I had to frog the cuff last night and add a few rows; it was just a smidgen short. I've never frogged and reknit something that had been in it's knitted form for very long. I've frogged dormant projects, but I either gave away the yarn, or it's still sitting in my stash. It's a leap of faith to look at all that wrinkliness and assume it will look normal after a good wash. Faith is not something of which I'm well endowed. Love of the Big Mac, sadly, yes, but faith? errr, not so much.

With this sweater I am 100% a project knitter. I bought enough yarn for a sweater, and a sweater I will have, goshdarnit. That's how I'm feeling. It may not be the sweater I had envisioned and that's okay. However, it will be one that is wearable and attractive. Period. End of story. Next.

With that said, I'll segue right into my wrap up of Blue Wavering. I need to memorialize this pattern for future use here, as I'm not so good with NOT losing paper notes.

Araucania Ranco Solid Color #107
75% Wool, 25% Nylon
This is a fabulous yarn to knit with. It has great smooshiness and loft, as well as excellent stitch definition. I will definitely go back to this yarn, especially the multi-colors.

Size US2/2.75mm harmony wood circulars for the foot and heel, 3.00mm nickle addi turbos for the ankle and leg.

JMCO for the toe. I began with 40 stitches, 20 on each needle. Knit 9 increase rows, adding 36 stitches, for a total of 76 stitches. On the fourth WE row, I began the K4P1 rib on the top 36 stitches. I knit even for a total of 45 rows. (Total foot rows, 48.)

On the 49th row I began the first of 12 gusset increases. I turned the heel by short-rowing stitches 6 through 14 and 25 through 33. Heel flap was a standard Sl1K1. To elongate the heel, made short by the shallow gusset, I worked in pattern, K4P1 on the top of the foot and SL1K1 for four rows, after fully joining the heel, making sure every other row of the heel was knit fully.

To continue the entire leg in the rib pattern, on the first fully rib row I decreased one stitch in the back of the leg. This reduced the overall stitches to 75. Knit the K4P1 rib even for 65 rows, then bound off.

Whew! A happy Tuesday to you. :-)


Knitting Kris said…
Oh, I like the sweater and the socks. Thanks the pattern explanation.
Glad to hear that Arucania is a good yarn to knit with. I have a two skeins in my sock yarn stash, and two skeins to use for a lacey scarf (solid colorway).
Happy Tuesday to you too!

I really like the Blue Wavering socks. The yarn is on the simple side, the pattern is on the simple and uncluttered side, and yet that simplicity is what gives them so much appeal. Same goes from the miles of solid color stockinette on the Blueberry Moon sweater. In fact, it seems like you have a theme going in this post - simpler is sometimes better :)
Nell said…
Great socks! I like how they have some visual interest but aren't really patterned.