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The unbearable lightness of knitting

Having just three projects on my needles feels crazy fabulous. I think it is because I've turned the corner on the problems which loomed large over them. My knitting basket is now as light in soul, as it is in it's corporeality.

Last Tuesday, though, I hit a very rough patch at the beauty parlor. It was a marathon four and a half hour ordeal and for a low maintenance woman like myself, this constitutes an evening in Hell. (And my hairdresser wonders why I come in ever twelve weeks rather than every six? Who has the fortitude to withstand this much primping?!?)

At the hairdressers, I felt the pull of La Digitessa and threw myself into her completely. Hours later all I had to show for it were about 22 rows.

La Digitessa ankle

22 Rows. And into each and every row I grafted a misery so potent I couldn't look at the sock for days without revisiting it. I hated on the pattern and the yarn and the sock itself.

La Digitessa Sock in progress

And then I got over it, though I don't have the photographic proof. And there was glee! I should have one sock done tomorrow, with pictures to follow on Wednesday, provided I don't derail again.


Four and a half hours at the beauty salon? My gosh, what were they doing to you?

I'm so glad you got over the salon-induced misery that crept into the Digitessas. They are lovely and just beg to be finished. That way, 12 weeks from now, when you go in from your next hair appointment, you can wear them and proudly say 'Ha salon, you cannot crush my spirit!'
peaknits said…
The sock is looking fabulous - 22 rows of "awesome" got done at that awful appointment:)
Knitting Kris said…
22 rows on any of Yarnissma's socks is a miracle in my brain. Gorgeous!

Hey, pretty good title for your post....isn't monogamy (KNITTING monogamy here) one of the "themes" of the novel?